66 Ohm

66 Ohm was found on July, 2001, as they were for the first time invited to give a concert for some nice little event in San Diego. However, a drummer decided to leave the band after this show for the sake of music style he did not like. Since that day on, they were two to play in concerts. It was namely this period, when they have created the largest part of their songs. The artists were not pleas

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    Industrial Death Metal

The band was created in 2002 when the first attempts to team a Rock group were made. It was the hardest to get a drummer. No-one was skilled enough to play the drums, but finally a Rock Band was created without a permenent name. Nobody was sure about quite a long time. The activity was stopped in 2003.
In 2005 however, an idea to play the music has come again. Present style of the music is

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    Electronic Dance

Aboozar was born in a country that music is not so respectful, furthermore, he has many difficulties in use of computers. These are two major obstacles for him to become a computer music composer, but he tried hard to make his rich melodious imaginations hearable for everyone. The result of his endeavor is now ready and free for you to listen. Enjoy it!

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